Woder 5K-JG

Woder 5K-JG Premium Inline Water Filter – The Refrigerator and Ice-Maker Water Filter That Saves You MONEY, Time and Worries

You can trust the water and ice coming from your fridge when you’ve got a Woder® 5K Inline Water Filter connected. Woder filters are built with NSF approved materials (NSF61) and tested at independent laboratories to NSF/ANSI 42 protocols plus lead…so you never have to question the quality of your filtration system. Find test results here.

The Woder 5K comes with built-in JG connectors. Same with ALL inline water filters, a 1/4″ copper or plastic line should be cut and pressed in to both sides of the filter. For easy installation, go to our How to install the Woder 5K-JG.

Please NOTE: If your fridge requires the original filter is installed for water to flow, just leave it in-the Woder5K will filter out contaminants from your water before it reaches the fridge’s original filter.

Unlike ordinary filters, which only last for 6 months and cost the same, The Woder 5K Inline Water Filter will last a minimum of 3 years. Unlike ordinary refrigerator filters who’s Cartridge Capacity in Gallons is 250 to 450, Woder’s 5K-JG Cartridge Capacity is 5000 Gallons (5K)! It is a premium quality alternative water filter to any LG refrigerator water filter, Kenmore water filter, GE refrigerator water filter, Maytag water filter, Whirlpool water filter, Samsung refrigerator filter, Frigidaire water filter, Pur water filter, Electrolux filter, Amana water filter, Kitchenaid refrigerator filter and more!


Easy to install

The Woder 5K Inline water filter comes with everything you need.  The one-time easy installation takes just five minutes. No plumbing tools or know-how needed.

Removes 99.99% of contaminants

Purifies water so you get…No odor. No mercury. No Chlorine. No Contaminants. No lead. No heavy metals. No volatile organic compounds. No leaks. No toxic TTHMs and VOCs. No bad tastes.

Lasts for 3 years

The Woder 5K lasts six times longer than the average OEM – a full three years. While your OEM refrigerator water filter has a life span of 6 months, the WODER 5K filter lasts for long 36 months!


Compatible with ALL brands

The Woder 5k works with all major brands of refrigerators and ice makers that use quarter inch tubing. (GE, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, Frigidaire, Kenmore, etc.).


Improved cartridge capacity

The Woder 5K refrigerator and ice maker Inline water filter can filter 5,000 gallons of water, unlike ordinary filters (OEM Filters), whose cartridge capacity is good for only 250 to 450 gallons, or about six months.

Made in the USA

Woder filters are manufactured in the US. Recommended alternative to all Fridge Filters and ice machines filters, using municipal water sources.

Fits behind fridge

The Woder 5K Inline filter fits neatly behind the fridge or anywhere along the water line, and makes a premium quality and cost effective alternative water filter to any refrigerator filter today.

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