Install Woder 5K-JG

The Woder 5K water filter comes with everything you need.
The one-time easy installation takes just five minutes.
No plumbing tools or know-how needed.
Read the instructions or watch the video below.
Learn how to install inline water filter of Woder, and find it is the easiest one to install!

First activate the filter, by placing the rubber washer onto the inlet side, pressing against a faucet, and running cold water through the filter for 3 minutes. This is to prevent temporary black or gray ice

Now, turn off the water supply to your refrigerator. The valve may be behind the fridge, or under a nearby sink.

The Woder filter fits neatly behind the fridge or anywhere along the water line. Cut the existing plastic or copper water supply line between the valve and refrigerator.

Push the tubing from the water supply line firmly into the inlet side of the Woder filter. Then push the tubing from the refrigerator into the outlet side of the filter.

Secure the bracket to the wall and clamp the filter to the bracket.

Turn on the water, and you’re done!


If your fridge requires that the original filter be installed in order for water to flow, just buy a new one and leave it in. The Woder will filter out contaminants before they ever get to the OEM filter. So you won’t have to buy another for a full three years.

Also note: We have recently replaced our old-tech ‘screw-in’ JG connectors with a new and improved ‘build-in’ JG connector, in order to upgrade performance and prevent leaks. Our ‘How-to-install’ video below shows a Woder 5K inline filter with the old ‘screw-in’ JG connectors, but installation is the same with the new one!

Please note: TDS meters (or PPM) are not an effective to way to check this filter and not an effective to way to check or test water. TDS meter are known to also pick up ions. The filter formula is bacteriostatic. The way bacteriostasis is accomplished is by ion transfer and sharing electrons with any pathogen captured by the filter. Essential minerals are also picked up by TDS meters.