Install Woder FRM

The Woder FRM Fluoride Filter and comes with everything you need, assembled. Includes: Filters, Dual head with a built-in valves, inlet hose – 3/8 female compression by 1/4 standard pipe thread, outlet hose- 3/8 male compression by 1/4 standard pipe. The easy installation takes just minutes. No plumbing tools or know-how needed. It has never been easier to learn how to install FRM Fluoride Filter.

No need to replace the whole filtration system after 2 years. Purchase the cost effective replacement filters on Amazon Woder FRM (Fluoride Removal Media) Stage 1 and Woder GenII Stage 2.

How to install the Woder FRM Fluoride Filter:

Start by turning off the cold water supply to your sinks’ faucet.

Disconnect the existing hose from the supply valve.

Connect the inlet hose to the valve. The inlet hose is on the left side of the Woder FRM. Hand tighten, then give a ¼ turn with a wrench or pliers.

Then connect the outlet hose of the filter to the faucet hose, and tighten.

Secure the bracket and filters to a convenient location under the sink.

Turn the cold water supply valve back on.

Activate the filter by turning on the cold water faucet, and let it run for three minutes, or until the water runs clear.

To replace the filters, simply unscrew them from the bracket, and screw on the new filters. The fluoride filter is on the left, and the contaminant filter is on the right side.

And you’re done!

Now you know how to install Woder FRM Fluoride Filter!

Please note: TDS meters (or PPM) are not an effective to way to check this filter and not an effective to way to check or test water. TDS meter are known to also pick up ions. The filter formula is bacteriostatic. The way bacteriostasis is accomplished is by ion transfer and sharing electrons with any pathogen captured by the filter. Essential minerals are also picked up by TDS meters.