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Single-use plastic is killing wildlife

Ancient teachings say our Creator knows when a single sparrow falls to the ground. How must God feel knowing humans have wiped out 60% of all animal species since 1970? Single-use plastic is killing wildlife at an alarming rate and it won’t end until we conquer our addiction to convenience.

The Importance of EPA Water Quality Standards

  3,000 new chemicals are introduced into the economy every year and none of them are being regulated. Many are showing up in our drinking water from industrial and agricultural runoff. Without vital EPA water quality standards, businesses in the USA are free to use and dispose chemicals without any consequence.



IN RESPONSE TO HOUSTON’S CHALLENGING WATER SITUATION, WODER FILTERS ALERTs RESIDENTS TO BENEFITS OF THEIR PROPRIETARY WATER FILTERS  Advanced Selective Filtration Technology removes 99.99% of contaminants while retaining essential minerals  NEWARK, Del. – June __, 2018 – To provide Houston residents with a safe, reliable alternative for obtaining pure, chromium 6-free water, Woder Water Filters […]

TDS meter is not an effective to way to check water quality!

water as pure and healthy as mother nature intended

TDS is total dissolved solids. However, it is known to also pick up ions. Woder Filter’s formula is bacteriostatic. The way bacteriostatic is accomplished is by ion transfer and sharing electrons with any pathogen captured by the filter. The natural cationic media in the filter is active and has no known shelf life which means […]

Woder Filters Vs Reverse Osmosis Filtration systems

woder filters vs reverse osmosis systems

  When your water is pure yet healthy with essential minerals, it’s the way nature intended drinking water to be. By contrast, residential filters that work with reverse osmosis filter out everything, including the minerals your body needs for good health. As far as nutrition goes, experts consider it essentially dead water. All healthy water […]

Essential Nutrients In Drinking Water


  What are the benefits of drinking pure, healthy water? The quality of the water you drink matters a great deal. Remember, your body is 75% water! Pure water with its natural minerals offers all the following benefits:   It’s a natural carrier of essential minerals your body needs to survive Helps your skin […]

Yearly Water Well Examination And Water Test Make good sense

Water drop on green leaf

Exactly what if your medical professional never did an assessment or test until you became critically ill? We thought that you might be interested to know, even though that Woder Filter‘s best seller on Amazon, the Woder 10K-DC Under Sink Water Filter, and Amazon’s best rated filter, the Woder Gen2 Under Sink Filtration System, should be working with municipally treated […]

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