Woder 24-SUR (24oz)

Woder 24-SUR (24oz)

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High Performance Survival Water-Filter Bottle

Survival Water-Filter Bottle with Drop-In High Performance Ionic Filtration System. Enjoy pristine water on tap anywhere – and save up to $500 on bottled water. Large 24-oz. bottle. Keeps you safe when you travel or in the outdoors. Fits conveniently in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. Tested to EPA protocols for microbiological purifiers. Free of BPA and other estrogenic compounds. Made in the USA

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Customers Reviews

"Christmas Gift anyone?So far so good. I take this everywhere I go. I did not get this because I'm continuously outdoors. I got this to be more "green" in that, I no longer need to stop and buy a bottle of water. However, I can stop and fill up my Woder bottle and know that the water will be clean and free of odor and bad taste. I'll be buying these for everyone for Christmas." - May 22, 2018
"This water filter is great. My wife and I packed into the Cherokee …This water filter is great. My wife and I packed into the Cherokee National Forest on horses for several days. We each carried a Woder water filter bottle. The convenience of being able to simply stop by a creek and fill the bottle, then drink without waiting anytime, is the best thing ever. With purification tablets you have to wait about 30 minutes to drink. I am very happy we have these in our saddlebags." - May 22, 2018
"The water tastes great! And nobody got sick on our week+ trip overseasOrdered two of these and used them overseas in Japan for over a week whenever bottled drinks weren't available. Sinks, drinking fountains, natural springs and poured-water from restaurants -- no worries. Nobody got sick and that's all we could hope for. Since I have them, I'll continue using these for peace-of-mind even back in the states for biking & hiking. It helps to take the rusty-flavor out of the nearby county park water-fountains. No need to purchase bottled water when I have these." - May 22, 2018
"Good bottle for the price but…..Good bottle for the money. Very hard to suck the water so you have to squeeze the bottle to get the water thru the filter. Probably the same with most of these type of filter bottles. I was disappointed it doesn't kill bacteria or virus. I assumed it did and that was my fault for not checking into it in more detail. It did come with that info but I didn't see that anywhere on the description before I bought it. Maybe I missed it." - May 22, 2018
"… over the last few years and have been very pleased with themWe have used these bottles for traveling to Latin American countries over the last few years and have been very pleased with them. I only gave it a four-star rating as the two bottles we replaced our older ones with were "defective" and it was extremely hard to draw water through the filters. Of course, we didn't find this out until we reached Colombia,S.A. Since then we notified the company and they replaced our defective ones---WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Thanks for your good service. and a good produc..." - May 22, 2018


100 gal / 575 refills (Municipal Water) or 25 gal / 145 refills (outdoor water source, including lakes, streams, rivers, wells or ponds).

Main Application:

Survival Water-Filter Bottle with Drop-In High Performance Ionic Filtration System. Can Be Used With Water From Common Outdoor Sources, (Lakes, Streams, Rivers, Wells or Ponds).

Removal Capacity:

99.99% Toxic chemicals, Heavy Metals, Unpleasant Tastes & Odors and Microbiological Threats. Filter removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), PCB’s, trihalomethanes, synthetic organic compounds (SOC’s), detergents, pesticides, DDT, asbestos, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead and mercury, as well as radiologicals such as Radon 222, E-Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.


Woder 24-SUR (24oz)

List of Inventory: Woder 24-SUR and a Woder 24-SUR-R Drop-In Survival Water Filter (IONIC Adsorption Micron Filtration system).

How to clean the bottle?

Remove the filter from straw open up helmet on lid and put the lid, straw and bottle in the dishwasher.  Do not wash filter. You can wipe off the housing with a wet rag.  Wash weekly if needed!

How to store it after use?

Remove the filter from the bottle and let it air dry once the bottle and filter is completely dry put it back in the bottle and store in climate controlled area.  It may take two or three days for the filter to completely dry out!


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Better Water. Greater Capacity.

Capacity Comparison
Woder 24-SUR Water Filter Bottle
Product img
$ 11.90 / 18
1 Woder 24-SUR Water Filter Bottle
$ 18 per Woder 24-SUR Bottle and Filter
$ 11.9 per 24-SUR-R replacement cartridge
Mineral Water Bottle
Product img
$ 296
757 Mineral Water Bottles
$ .39 per mineral water bottle

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