Why Woder?
Woder is all about water.
We are water-filter specialists. Our only goal is to ensure you always have pure, healthy drinking water on tap.
The Woder advantage
Selective Filtration™
Woder filters have a unique technology that removes over 99.99% of contaminants while leaving in essential minerals that are vital to your health, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Our advanced Selective Filtration™ technology has an affinity for attracting impurities while allowing healthy minerals to remain. By contrast, residential filters that use reverse osmosis technology filter out everything ... including the minerals your body needs for good health. This is why experts consider reverse osmosis processed water as "dead water".
Large capacity
Our precision-ground nanoparticles help set our filters apart from all the rest. This technology extends the life of Woder filters by a minimum of three years under normal use while most water filters last only six months to a year.
Today an
Amazon Choice Award

Woder drinking water filters proudly bear the Amazon Choice Badge. Woder filters have the highest customer review score on Amazon.com for under-sink filters, inline water filters, and survival water filter bottles. Our filters have also won many independent awards for quality.

Spring-like freshness and healthfulness
Pure, healthy water as nature intended
All Woder filters are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality-control standards. There are many purely scientific reasons to choose a Woder water filter. But the most important reason of all is your concern about the quality of the water you and your family are drinking or, if you’re an employer, the quality of the water your employees and customers are drinking. Woder filters deliver the pure, healthy water that nature intended for you, your family, employees, and customers to drink.
Quality Certifications
Woder filters are tested by independent laboratories to ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute), so you can have complete confidence in the quality of Woder-filtered water. ENJOY TAP WATER AS PURE AND HEALTHY AS SPRING WATER 
Superior refrigerator filtration
Woder makes a special water filter for refrigerators. Nearly all refrigerator makers promote in-fridge "filters" that are often expensive and ineffective. Some won't allow water to flow unless their filter is installed. Woder filters produce much higher purification for refrigerated water and ice and last 1-2 years, not six months. If you’re refrigerator only works with the original filter installed, leave it in and simply connect your Woder filter to your refrigerator water line for superior, long-lasting results.
Woder offers a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can do this because our filters are made to perform and last as described. If you ever experience a problem, simply contact us. We will either resolve the issue or provide a complete refund. No questions asked.