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Woder Model: WD-S-20M-JG – (WD=Woder, S= Single Stage Replaceable Cartridge, 20M= 20 Micron sediment, dust, dirt and contaminants removal cartridge, JG= John Guest 1/4″ for 1/4″ vinyl water supply hoses).

System includes: WD-S-20M-REP cartridge, head with a built-in shut off valve, inlet and outlet welded in 1/4″ John Guest fittings.

Fits all 1/4″ Plastic Flex Tubing and Flexible Copper Tubing used for water supply to ice makers and refrigerators, etc. 1/4” JG also fits 1/8″ PEX TUBING as its O.D. (outer diameter) is the same as 1/4” Tubing. DOES NOT FIT BRAIDED HOSES.

Capacity: Depends on sediment levels.

Installation instructions:
PDF / Video

Common applications include; POU (Point-of-use) inline water filter for refrigerators, dedicated filtered water faucets (under sink), RV’s, etc.

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