Woder Filters Remove 99.99% of contaminants

Premium water Filters so you get…No odor. No mercury. No Chlorine. No Contaminants. No lead. No heavy metals. No volatile organic compounds. No leaks. No toxic TTHMs and VOCs. No bad tastes.

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Improved cartridge capacity

Woder 10K Under Sink Water Filter cartridge capacity is good for 10,000 Gallons. Woder 5K Inline Water Filter cartridge capacity is good for 5,000 Gallons. Woder Filters cartridge capacities are the highest in the market.

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Local Trusted Quality

Woder filters are built with NSF approved materials (NSF61) tested by independant laboratories to NSF/ANSI 42 Protocols plus lead so you never have to question the quality of your filtration system. Drink with confidence, longer!

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