Before you buy a water filter

At Woder, we are obsessed with helping our customers find the correct filter, for YOUR needs. Woder filters are designed to meet the needs of most communities. We promise to provide safe, affordable and long-lasting filters.

The next three minutes could save you several hours and hundreds of dollars………..

There’s a reason why most people waste money on either water filters that don’t work, purchasing only plastic water bottles, or worse, are left to drink unfiltered tap water with contaminants and pollutants.

Here’s the truth: the water filtration industry thrives on misleading information, bogus claims, celebrity endorsements and industry jargon.

Cut through the BS and become an expert in a matter of minutes.

First, a little about us.

Our filters aren’t for everyone – yet. Based on scientific studies, for every US zip code, we estimate our family of water filters meet the needs of 75% of households in North America.

But before you buy a water filter from us, or another brand, understand a few important facts:

  • Most water filters on the market today DO NOT filter your water. They improve taste, smell and clarity – which includes MOST refrigerator filters, as well as water pitcher filters.
  • Most Americans don’t know what’s in their tap water. While every city is required by law to report water quality results to the public, their annual reports are extremely confusing and lack the most important data that is relevant to you…
  • You can test your water yourself! Quickly and inexpensively. Use an independent lab like SimpleWater, with MY TAP SCORE – even your kids can understand the test results. Only once you have tested your water, can we determine if the filter you purchased actually meets your filtration needs.
  • When you know which contaminants and pollutants are in your treated tap water, you can then select a filter designed to remove those contaminants, specific to your exact location.
  • Once you know your levels of sediment, lead, heavy metals, or fluoride, most US households can get their tap water 99.99% pure, by selecting the right filter, that meets your specific needs.
  • If you use a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system, be aware, as this method strips the water of all essential minerals your body needs. In other words, membranes strip all ions, resulting in what we at Woder call ‘dead water’. . . This is why companies like Mayu exist – to help you re-mineralize your water.
  • While water softening systems have their benefits, they do not filter your drinking water. Also, carbon-based filters, like ours, are not compatible with water softener systems.
  • If your drinking water comes from a well that is untreated by your municipality, then you should have it tested and treated. SimpleWater tests well water as well. Woder filters are not compatible with well water, unless it has been treated by your local municipality first.
  • Whole House water filters can be an excellent choice for some, however most of these systems are very expensive and require costly plumbing and maintenance services. Our dual stage Sediment (Stage 1) and Advanced (Stage 2) system makes the perfect solution for point-of-use areas where high levels of sedimentation have been detected and there isn’t a whole house pre-sediment filter installed. This is most common in urban areas with old pipes, or where there is a construction site upstream.
  • While Woder filters are designed and tested to last up to three years, you may find your filters won’t last this long. This is often based on high levels of sediment found in your tap water, which may be the result of local heavy construction, your location, or water pipeline disruption in your area.
  • While TDS (total dissolved solids) can be a useful method for testing the quality of drinking water, a TDS meter is not an effective method to test water quality. Essential minerals your body needs are also picked up by TDS meters. In fact, “dead water” has the lowest TDS reading and should not be considered good drinking water. All carbon and other media-based filters increase TDS, while flushing will reduce the value indicated.
  • Micron ratings for filters can be misleading. Granular filters, like ours, do not have a micron rating. A micron rating is provided for carbon block style filters, or filters using pleated membrane materials. These types of technologies use Nano-sized, to larger pore sizes, to separate solids from the flow of water. A solid can be anything suspended, or dissolved. Woder filters are all granular formulas, with six different media inside, that are all micro-ground and screened, then blended, rather than layered. The entry lines are chambered in a way to create maximum retention while only slightly limiting the flow rate. The filter’s formula is granular and the technologies are ion exchange and catalytic adsorption.
  • Flow rate for filters is also important. You shouldn’t have to stand around to pour a glass of water.

Depending on the model you choose, our flow rates consistently measure between 2-3 gallons per minute @65psig. Our fluoride filters flow at 1.32GPM @65psig.

So how do you know if a Woder filter is right for you?

This depends on how old your plumbing is and the types of contamination detected in your tap water, by your local municipality.

Our top-selling product, the Advanced Water Filter, is one of the highest rated filters sold on Amazon Prime. It removes VOCs, lead, heavy metals, chlorine (99%) and other contaminants (99%), odors and bad tastes. It’s also been proven to remove mercury, PFCs, glyphosate, chromium 6 and turbidity.

If you’re concerned you have elevated levels of sediment, lead, heavy metals and/or fluoride, combine one of our dual-stage filters with your Advanced Filter. (1st stage cartridge removes a specified contaminant and the 2nd stage cartridge is our Advanced formula.)

To dramatically reduce the fluoride in your tap water, our dual-stage fluoride filter removes 95% of fluoride, as well as chloramines. It is also effective in removing arsenic. Woder does not use Silica Alumina or Aluminate to reduce fluoride. The media uses bone char as part of the components to remove fluoride.

Woder filters have a unique technology that removes over 99.99% of contaminants while maintaining essential minerals, which are vital to your health, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Our unique advanced Selective Filtration™ technology has an affinity for impurities, so it attracts them, but it doesn’t have an affinity for healthy minerals, so it allows them to remain.

As far as we know, we are the only water filter manufacturer in the US, that welcomes their customers to test their tap water BEFORE and AFTER they install our filters.

We are also one of only a handful of companies that responsibly recycle used filter cartridges. If you don’t have a recycling center in your city, you can mail your spent cartridges to us and we’ll recycle 100% of the used products.

All of our filters are BPA (bisphenol A) free and are built with National Science Foundation (NSF) approved materials. No BPA, PVC, or formaldehyde housing in any of our filters.