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TDS / PPM rate is not an effective indication of water quality!

TDS (total dissolved solids) meter is not an effective method to test water quality! Essential minerals are also picked up by TDS meter. Water with a low TDS rate should not be considered a good drinking water. In fact, experts consider it essentially dead water.   Woder filters have a unique technology that removes contaminants while […]

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The Woder Accountability

We all need to take ownership of the quality of our drinking water. Water which is readily available, may not always be of the best quality, while best quality water systems, are not always affordable. At Woder, we are helping people make their tap water as pure as it once was in nature. Without expensive […]

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Selective filtration®

The nanoparticles have an affinity for contaminants, but not for essential minerals. They attract and filter out 99.9% of contaminants but leave in the naturally occurring minerals that are essential to your health. (Reverse osmosis removes everything, so it is described by many experts as “dead” water.) Advanced Selective Filtration™ Technology removes 99.9% of contaminants […]

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