Water filter bottles

Enjoy pristine water anywhere – and save up to $500 on bottled water. 

Survival Water-Filter Bottles for any outdoor activity and everyday use. The Survival filtration system has been tested to meet the EPA Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers by the University of Arizona and by Spectrum Labs in accordance with ANSI/NSF Protocol for Standard 42 and 53 Class I, adapted for sport bottles.

Keeps you safe when you travel or in the outdoors.

Fits conveniently in your purse, briefcase, or backpack.

Free of BPA and other estrogen compounds.

Made in the USA.

    Woder 24-SUR (24oz) 
    High Performance Survival Water-Filter Bottle
    $29.90 $18.20
    Woder N22B (22oz) 
    Enjoy pristine water on tap anywhere
    $34.90 $19.50
    Woder N32 (32oz) 
    Enjoy pristine water on tap anywhere
    $39.90 $21.50